Smile Of A Child

Project Smile of a Child is one of the projects we are most proud of. It was aimed at improving and developing a health center for Leukemia patients within the Kuwait Hospital located in Sana’a, by cleaning and removing waste both internally and from the surrounding environment.

  • Additionally, we aimed to rejuvenate the playground / garden and public rooms in proportion to the needs of children and their health status.
  • The project was a huge success, improving the conditions within the hospital and boosting morale for both the staff and the children.
  • Every child received new bedding along with a number of accessories and other hygienic items.
  • Each child also received a gift/toy.
  • The restrooms were also renovated.
  • This project was motivated by a quote by Richard Knittle Jr. “Putting a smile on a child’s face can change the world, Maybe not the whole world but at least their world!”.
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